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From The Bottom Up

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

Candi Peterson

Featuring, Candi Peterson – WTU General V.P.
I started out my union career as a Washington Teachers’ Union building representative for itinerant teachers and related service providers. Years ago, a soon to be departing colleague urged me to take on this role because she was planning to retire. She argued after all that I would be good in this job because of my outspokenness. I remember thinking how could I reach the almost 200 or so union members who were spread out in our schools. Building ties to people, came easy for me in part due to my background in the field of social work. I reasoned to myself that a great deal of my career had been spent working with those who didn’t want to be reached. Surely, I thought I’d be up for the challenge connecting to union members.

Organizing 2.0

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

Charles Lechner, founder of Organizing 2.0 attended the recent LaborTech conference held at the University of San Francisco.  Check out Charles’s online organizing site for exciting programs and information.