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Solidarity With Japanese Workers-Video

Sunday, April 24th, 2011

Benefit/Solidarity Meeting
April 23 (Saturday), 2011 3:00 PM
At: ATU Local 192 Hall
8460 Enterprise Way, Oakland CA

After the massive quake and tsunami, Japanese workers, farmers and their families are in a desper-
ate situation. Twenty three post workers from the Sendai area are still missing. Also four trains are
still missing with the fate of the operators and passengers unknown.
The radioative leaks at the Fukushima nuclear power plant continue, and the government and private
electric utility TEPCO continue to cover up the dangers. They are failing to protect the health and safety
of the workers and the communities.

The need for international labor/community solidarity is vital and we will have a direct report from the
People’s Earthquake Relief group at the meeting. Please get your local and organization to endorse,
contribute and attend this important solidarity/education event.
These workers in Sendai fought for their right for 34 years, and won their jobs back.
There will be music and a screening of the video of the workers in Sendai, Motoyama Struggle, The
Record of 34 Years of Fierce Struggle For Labor Rights. These workers were based in Sendai Japan,
and were forced into a 34 years strike, which they won and went back to work. This is the longest strike
of workers in the world.

Initial Endorsers:
ATU Local 1555 BART Workers
ILWU Local 34 Executive Board
Transport Workers Solidarity Committee
Labor Video Project
For Information, call:
415-867-0628 or 510-919-6995
or E-mail: