LaborTech 2015

The Gig Economy –  Labor Communication, Media and the Smart Phone  –  Stanford University July 26, 2015

The development of communications technology has led to major changes in the production chain. Today through the internet, hundreds of millions of workers are now linked together. Tech workers and millions of other workers are now tethered to the internet 24 hours a day and every keystroke can now be watched by their employers or used as a powerful organizing and communication tool.

Apps are also being use to put workers in a temporary part time economy and change their conditions of work. Many are affected,  from taxi workers to call centers as well as healthcare workers and workers in every industry. The gig economy is one where more and more workers have no security and benefits.

LaborTech 2015 will look at how this new technology is being used on and by workers and how workers are using communication technology to organize and strengthen democratic rights.
It will also provide instruction on how to build labor channels that can get the stories out to workers and the public locally and internationally.

The introduction of technology into the workplace, the labor and human rights of all workers including the large number of immigrant workers in the tech industry is a prime focus of this conference.
LaborTech 2015 will look at these issues and how labor can address these issues here and internationally.

Associate Professor, School of Journalism and Communication, CUHK, Jack Linchuan Qiu, talks about International Communication and Building Alternatives. LaborTech 2015. Stanford University, July 26th, 2015

Namibian activist, Kavena Hambira, discusses his film work with the ILWU May Day March Against Police Brutality at LaborTech 2015, July 26trh, 2015 at Stanford University.

Attorney Ruth Silver-Taube gives a talk on legal efforts to address the “Share the Crumbs Economy” and worker rights. At the July 26th 2015 Labortech Conference at Stanford University.

Attorney Gail Glick talks about a case where an app is used against a worker. At LaborTech 2015 Stanford University July 26th 2015.

The “Uber” Share the Crumbs Economy. With Steve Hill from The New America Foundation at Labortech 2015, Stanford University, July 26th 2015

SF Cab driver and videographer, John Han, lays it out on Uber and Lyft and being a self employed “contractor” at the recent LaborTech conference at Stanford University, July 26th, 2015.

Live streaming in Turkey can get you killed. Follow the work of Sendika and Ali Ergin Demirhan at the recent LaborTech Conference.

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